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Run by two educators with over 50 years of combined experience, Customized College Prep can help you ace those exams and reach your academic goals.

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SAT and ACT Prep

Preparation for success on college entrance exams, customized to fit student needs and learning style.

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Subject Tutoring

Help in building skills and success in Advanced Placement math, English, and history classes.

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Who We Are



Marc Ginsberg

Marc attended UC Santa Barbara and UCLA, then went on to teach high school math in the Paradise Valley Unified School District. In 2009 he and a partner formed a company devoted to improving college admission test scores. Ever since, he has helped hundreds of Arizona students prepare for the ACT and SAT exams.  


Anna Royse

Anna taught honors and AP English (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) for thirty years at Horizon High School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District. She graduated from Arizona State University in 1988 with a degree in English and completed a master's degree in English as a Second Language at Ottawa University in 1998.

Our Services

SAT & ACT Prep

CCP has helped hundreds of Arizona students prepare for both the ACT and SAT exams. Last year, CCP helped ACT test takers score an average 4-point gain on their composite scores and SAT test takers scored an average of 190 points. We believe in the customized 2-front attack to test prep: provide student practice to work on content based on their weaknesses and create the structure to closely match and simulate the testing environment as often as possible. 

ACT Essentials classes offer 16 hours of classroom instruction. Class touches on all four ACT subject areas and involves mini timed test simulations run by engaging instructors who share straightforward, time-saving testing strategies. Each course ends just before the exam date to enhance your scores. Click here for the schedule of upcoming classes.

SAT Essentials classes boost your test-taking IQ with 12 hours of classroom instruction. Classroom instruction is dedicated to math and reading/writing taught by captivating instructors who share proven test-taking strategies. Each course has been strategically planned to end just before the actual exam date to enhance your scores. Click here for the schedule of upcoming classes.

College Counseling

Money, majors, test scores, acceptance rates and requirements, registration—the college to-do list is exhausting and overwhelming. CCP has high school counselors with decades of experience to assist in helping guide students and parents through the maze that is the College Application process. A CCP college counselor will sit down with parents and students to prepare a university plan based on realistic academic and financial considerations. This plan will include test score goals and a clear timeline of tasks to complete beginning as early as the student’s freshman year of high school—it’s never too early to begin planning!

Scholarship Search

There is money to be found! CCP offers assistance to families in searching out every available dollar in college scholarships. CCP families will receive regular updates on available scholarship opportunities. They may also opt to receive individual guidance on how to complete their own searches, or they can choose to have a qualified college counselor complete searches tailored to the student.

Math & English Tutoring

Too many students report understanding the covered content, but then, when the exam comes, the knowledge seems to vanish! At CCP, we incorporate practice exams into all subject tutoring. If given a simulated test within 2-3 days of an exam, students often perform better than they would have otherwise. For the largest performance boost, we believe that tutoring alone is necessary but not sufficient. Simulated test prep also must be part of any process. 

For over 20 of her 30 years of teaching, Anna taught honors/AP English, grades 9-12. Her students’ success on the AP Language and Composition test far exceeded the National average and earned hundreds of students college credit and preferred university acceptance. Other areas of knowledge include AP English Literature and AP History. 

Class Schedule

Below are schedules of our upcoming SAT and ACT Essentials prep courses. For full descriptions of these courses, please see Our Services. You can also download our most current flyers for SAT Essentials and ACT Essentials

SAT Essentials

Next courses:

Pinnacle HS, room C115

Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 12 through May 3

3:00–5:00 pm (April 12 session will run 3:00–7:00 pm for practice test)

Fee: $199


Shadow Mountain HS, room 700

Tuesdays & Thursdays, May 3 through May 31*

3:00–5:00 pm (May 3 session will run 3:00–7:00 pm for practice test)

Fee: $199

*no class May 22 or May 24

ACT Essentials

Current course:

Paradise Valley HS

Tuesdays & Thursdays, March 22 through April 12

3:00–5:00 pm (March 22 session will run 3:00–7:00 pm for practice test)

Fee: $199


Next course:

Paradise Valley HS

Tuesdays & Thursdays, May 29 through June 7, 2018

1:00–3:00 pm

Fee: $195


"I am writing to let you know how much you and A+ tutoring have helped both my children in math this year. With your help, my oldest got a B in Geometry and my youngest an A in Algebra. Marc, I especially appreciate how you were willing to tutor my son online at the last minute late the night before his final exam, when he was having a last minute panic attack. You really went beyond the call of duty. He made a point to tell me how much you helped him understand the material and relieve his anxiety. We will definitely use A+ when my children need tutoring help in the future." —Gail B., Scottsdale

"My son is a high-profile high school basketball player in one of Arizona’s private Christian schools who, like so many students, has always struggled on standardized testing. As such, receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to a NCAA Division 1 school was our primary goal, which required my son to gain 130 points on just the Math and Reading portions of the SAT. Initially, I searched valley - wide search for a qualified tutor before a friend of mine directed me to Marc Ginsberg of A+ Tutoring & Test Prep, LLC. Marc took my son under his wings - knowing we had one chance to get this right during the heart of the championship basketball season (my son’s team won state!) since it was March of his senior year and his collegiate basketball career was hanging in the balance!Using various math and reading strategies learning through the tutoring sessions, my son not only accomplished his SAT scoring goal, he EXCEEDED it – elevating his score 150 points! Now we have over 20 D1 universities seeking to recruit my son – including several PAC-12 programs! I am forever indebted to Marc Ginsberg and A+ Tutoring to help our DREAM become a REALITY! Please view this letter as a strong testimonial to use A+Tutoring & Test Prep for your student’s test prep services,especially for student athletes seeking university scholarships! Overflowing with gratitude!" —P. A. 

"Our student's ACT composite was much higher because she combined her classroom knowledge with valuable test taking strategies.  This led to a higher merit scholarship at a fantastic college!" —Lee Richard, Scottsdale

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