"I am writing to let you know how much you and A+ tutoring have helped both my children in math this year. With your help, my oldest got a B in Geometry and my youngest an A in Algebra. Marc, I especially appreciate how you were willing to tutor my son online at the last minute late the night before his final exam, when he was having a last minute panic attack. You really went beyond the call of duty. He made a point to tell me how much you helped him understand the material and relieve his anxiety. We will definitely use A+ when my children need tutoring help in the future." —Gail B., Scottsdale

"My son is a high-profile high school basketball player in one of Arizona’s private Christian schools who, like so many students, has always struggled on standardized testing. As such, receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to a NCAA Division 1 school was our primary goal, which required my son to gain 130 points on just the Math and Reading portions of the SAT. Initially, I searched valley - wide search for a qualified tutor before a friend of mine directed me to Marc Ginsberg of A+ Tutoring & Test Prep, LLC. Marc took my son under his wings - knowing we had one chance to get this right during the heart of the championship basketball season (my son’s team won state!) since it was March of his senior year and his collegiate basketball career was hanging in the balance!Using various math and reading strategies learning through the tutoring sessions, my son not only accomplished his SAT scoring goal, he EXCEEDED it – elevating his score 150 points! Now we have over 20 D1 universities seeking to recruit my son – including several PAC-12 programs! I am forever indebted to Marc Ginsberg and A+ Tutoring to help our DREAM become a REALITY! Please view this letter as a strong testimonial to use A+Tutoring & Test Prep for your student’s test prep services,especially for student athletes seeking university scholarships! Overflowing with gratitude!" —P. A. 

"Our student's ACT composite was much higher because she combined her classroom knowledge with valuable test taking strategies.  This led to a higher merit scholarship at a fantastic college!" —Lee Richard, Scottsdale